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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Amsuh, AMZuH, Amshuh

Aṃśuḥ as per Medinīkośa

Aṃśuḥ denotes light according to the Medinīkośa.

Aṃśuḥ as per Dharaṇīkośa

The Dharaṇīkośa expounds it as ‘the street of courtesans’.

Aṃśuḥ as per Hemacandra

Hemacandra says that the meaning of aṃśuḥ is ‘the small parts of thread or etc.’.

Aṃśuḥ as per Viśvaprakāśakośa

The Viśvaprakāśakośa defines it as ‘a small part or the sun’.

General Meaning of Aṃśuḥ

The other meanings of this word are:

  1. A particular sage
  2. A part of a creeper plant
  3. A part of the plant called ‘Somalatā’
  4. A part of anything


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