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By Swami Harshananda

Bhairavi literally means ‘the terrible goddess’.

Bhairavi is

  • One of the several aspects of the Devī or the Śakti (the Mother Goddess, Pārvatī)
  • Consort of Bhairava (a terrible aspect of Rudra-Śiva).
  • Cāmuṇḍā
  • Tripurā-bhairavī,
  • Kāmeśvarī,
  • Annapurṇā- bhairavī,
  • etc.

Bhairavi is also the fifth in the series of vidyās known as ‘Daśamahāvidyās.’ She is described as resplendently red in complexion, wears a silk garment and a garland of skulls. Her crown is adorned with a crescent moon. She has four arms. She holds a book and a rosary in two hands, the other two exhibiting the abhaya and varada mudrās granting protection from fear and the boons asked for.


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