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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Dandapani, DaNDapANi, Dandapaani

Daṇḍapāṇi literally means ‘one who holds the daṇḍa or the staff in his hand’.

In the mythological and iconographical literature, daṇḍapāṇi word can apply to two deities:

  1. Yama - the god of death and the deity presiding over the southern quarter
  2. Subrahmaṇya - variously known as Skanda, Kumāra and Kārttikeya

It is applied to Subrahmaṇya to a greater extent. Iconographically, Subrahmaṇya is shown as holding a long cudgel or staff (daṇḍa) in his right hand. His left hand rests on the left loin. He is also known as Daṇḍāyudhapāṇi.


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