Hiraṇyakeśi Dharmasutras

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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Hiranyakesi Dharmasutras, HiraNyakeZi Dharmasutras, Hiranyakeshi Dharmasutras

Secondary scriptures like the smṛtis, āgamas, purāṇas, and dharmasutras occupy an impeccable place in today's life.

The Hiranyakeśi Dharmasutras forms an integral part of a bigger work, the Hiranyakeśi Kalpasutras (praśnas 26 and 27) and belongs to the Taittirīya branch of Yajurveda. It borrows profusely from the Āpastamba Dharmasutras.

There is a commentary on this work called Ujjvalā by Mahādeva Dikṣita composed sometime earlier than A.D. 200. The contents of this work are practically the same as those of the Āpastamba Dharmasutras.


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