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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Tiruvaymoli, TiruvAymoli, Tiruvaaymoli

Tiruvāymoli literally means ‘divine words of a holy sage’.

Significance of Tiruvāymoli

Tiruvāymoli is the famous work in chaste classical Tamil language of Nammālvār. It is the best and the longest among the Divyaprabandhams. It has 1102 pāśuras,[1] divided into ten sections.[2] Each of these has ten daśakas[3] plus an additional concluding verse.

Style of Tiruvāymoli

It is interesting to note that the pāśuras are in the ‘anta-ādi’ style. In this style the last word[4] of one verse becomes the first[5] of the next.

Content of Tiruvāymoli

The subject matter may briefly be summarized as follows:

  • Greatness of God
  • Several blessed qualities like compassion and protecting his devotees
  • Relationship between the jivātman (individual soul) and Paramātman[6]
  • Bhakti[7] and prapatti[8] as the primary means of attaining mokṣa[9]


  1. It means verses.
  2. It means centums.
  3. Daśakas means decades.
  4. Last means anta.
  5. First means ādi.
  6. Paramātman means God.
  7. Bhakti means devotion.
  8. Prapatti means self-surrender.
  9. It means liberation.
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