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By Swami Harshananda

Trasadasyu was the son of the king Purukutsa and grandson of the famous emperor Māndhātṛ of the solar race. He got this name since the dasyus[1] used to quake in fear[2] before him. Once the sage Agastya approached him for money. Since he did not have it at that time, he suggested him along with two more kings Srutarva and Bradhnāśva, who had come with him, approach Ilvala, a rich and powerful dānava.[3] When Agastya met him, Ilvala realized his greatness and gave him all the money he needed.


  1. Dasyus are the robbers and enemies.
  2. Tras means to be afraid.
  3. He belonged to the race of demons.
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