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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vanadurga, VanadurgA, Vanadurgaa

Vanadurgā is one of the several aspects of Durgā described in iconographical works. Her complexion is greenish like fresh grass. She has eight arms. In seven arms, she carries:

  1. Cakra - discus
  2. Śaṅkha - conch
  3. Asi - sword
  4. Carma - shield
  5. Bāṇa - arrow
  6. Cāpa - bow
  7. Śula - spear

The eighth is showing the tarjanī mudrā.[1] She stands on the head of Mahiṣāsura.[2] As the name indicates, her shrines are established in vanas or forests.


  1. Tarjanī mudrā means gesture of threat.
  2. Mahiṣāsura literally means buffalo-demon.
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