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By Jit Majumdar

  1. one who knows the truth/ essence of the Bindu
  2. one who possesses pearl(s); one who has (knowledge of) the alphabet; one who has realized the state of Bindu, i.e. the primordial non-differentiated and unified state of Śiva and Śakti; enlightened
  3. a son of the divine sage Marīci (Bhāg. Purāņa); (fem: bindumatī)
  4. the essence or form of the Bindu, i.e. the Supreme Śakti
  5. the wife of king Māndhātŗ (Hari. Purāņa); the wife of King Māndhātā and the mother of Pūrukutşa and Mucukunda (Bhāg. Purāņa).