Loka Rakshanam (Malayalam)

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Translated By P.R.Ramachander

This is a prayer in Malayalam addressed to Lord Vishnu, seeking a boon to protect the entire world.

Pavana manasa poygayil Vazhunna,
Jeevanaam hamsathe Vettayaadan,
Ookkode chadi varunnoru moorkharaam,
Kootare yodippathinnai,., 1

Ulkombil Bhakthiyodeppozhum paduga,
Chilkombam Sri Hari than namangal,
Sathyamam pon kodi cheendhi kalayuvaan,
Sakthrayi theerillavar madichal,., 2

To drive away those idiotic people,
Who vigorously jump and approach,
To hunt the swan of the soul,
Which lives in the holy lake of the mind,
Always sing inside with devotion,
The name of Hari, which is our only stay.
Even if they exert themselves hard,
They would not be able to tear the golden flag of truth,

Punyamerum vanam thannil virajippu,
Kannanam nama nrusimha veeran,
Aaa hari garjanam kelkkunna mathrayil,
Gora paapangalaam van gajangal,., 3

Doorathilodi marayunna thal kshanam,
Bharicha bheethyil aathuraray,
Uchathile varum sasradham namangal,
Ucharicheeduvin Bhakthanmare.., 4

Shining in the forest of pure truth,
Is Lord Krishna who is the valorous man lion,
As soon as you hear the roar of the name of Hari,
The great elephants of greatest sins,
Would instantly run away and vanish immediately,
Becoming sick due to the great fear that one has,
And so oh devotees sing loudly and with devotion,
The great names of Lord Narayana.

Yethu roopathilum yethilum minnunna,
Sathya swaroopiyaam thamburaane,
Manava manasam souhardha soundharya,
Dhamamyi theerkkane viswa bhandho.., 5

Oh Lord who is the form of eternal truth,
Who in all his forms, who always shines in everything,
Oh friend of the universe, please make the man’s mind,
Your pretty home of cherished understanding.

Bharatha mathavin sampoorna rakshakkay,
Narada mukhyaraam bhakthar othum,
Than sakhanam naranaothum Bhadariyil,
Van Thapas aacharichudum vibho.., 6

For complete protection of the mother India,
Along with great devotees like Narada,
And along with all men who are your friends,
Oh Lord you are doing great penance in Bhadrinath.

Maruthadheeswara, nin krupa varshathaal,
Parine kaakane Narayana,
Lokathil yengume Ma]ngala Poomari,
Lokaika nayaka Thookidename.., 7

Oh Lord of the wind God, using your rain of mercy,
Please protect this entire world, Oh Narayana.
Oh Lord of the entire world, all over the world,
Make the rain of flower of all that is good come.

Krishna hare jaya, Krishna hare jaya, Krishna hare jaya, Krishna Hare jaya