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* [[Institutions]]
* [[Institutions]]
* [[Hindu Post-Secondary Institutes]]
* [[Hindu Post-Secondary Institutes]]
*[[Gurukula Vyavastha]]
* [[Spiritual Digital Media]]
* [[Spiritual Digital Media]]
* [[Organizations]]
* [[Organizations]]

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Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia, is devoted to educating the public about all aspects of Hinduism ranging from history and philosophy to current events that impact Hindus.

We are the only online Hindu encyclopedia that provides the public with a traditional perspective on our religion and way of life.

There are 6,031 articles on Hindupedia.

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Charity is an attempt wherein I try to expand and bring into the ambit of my life, all others around me and grow to consider the other man's needs and requirements as important as my own personal needs. To live seeking an identity thus, with at least those who are immediately around me, is to live away from the suffocating selfishness and the throttling grip of my body-consciousness.
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—Swami Chinmayananda




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