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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Raga-dvesa, RAga-dveSa, Raaga-dvesha

Rāga-dveṣa literally means ‘attachment and aversion’.

Connection Between Rāga-dveṣa

The two words rāga which denotes attachment and dveṣa which denotes hatred or aversion are often used together since the two are interconnected in a way. When somebody thwarts a person from fulfilling his desire, born out of rāga, it turns into dveṣa or aversion towards that person causing the obstacle. They are the equivalents of:

  1. Kāma - desire
  2. Krodha - anger

Disposition of Rāga-dveṣa

These are the first two of the ariṣaḍvargas, the six enemies of spiritual evolution.


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