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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Svayambhuvalinga, SvAyambhuvaliGga, Svaayambhuvalinga

Svāyambhuvaliṅga literally means ‘self-manifested liṅga of Śiva.'

Śivaliṅgas or emblems of god Śiva are of several types. According to one classification, by the Suprabhedāgama,[1] three types of liñgas are considered to be uttamottama or the very best. They are:

  1. Divya - divine, worshiped by gods like Brahmā and Viṣṇu
  2. Purva - extremely ancient
  3. Svāyambhuva - self manifested

Svāyambhuvaliṅgas are not carved or made by human beings or sages or demons but have manifested by themselves.


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