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Language Proficiency 
Hindi, English
Shuddhadwait Brahmvaad, Sankara-Adaita, Achintya Bheda Abheda
Upasana Parampara 
Subjects of Study 
  • Hindu Philosophy (spanning multiple darsana's)
  • Ancient Hindu History
  • Management
Hindupedia Areas of Focus 
  • Founder of Hindupedia -- consequently, involved in multiple areas
    • Site management
    • Team management / recruiting
    • Limited content development across multiple areas of the site
    • Content editing (style, grammar, spelling)
Other Socio Cultural Associations & Activities 
  • Debates involving revision of California 6th Grade Textbooks to present a positive portrayal of Hinduism instead of the negative and inaccurate view that was in place.
  • Involved with Hindu Students Council (national level)
  • Co-founder of Yoga Bharati (Seattle Chapter)
  • Co-founder of Chinmaya Mission (Seattle)
  • ISKCON Bhakti Vriksha Group Leader (Seattle, San Jose, Boston)
  • Balagokulam (Seattle) teacher
  • Co-founder Hindu Students Council (Cornell University Chapter) (also known as Cornell University Hindu Chaplaincy)
  • Invited speaker for Cornell University Religious Works (as a representative of the Hindu Chaplaincy / Hindus on campus)
  • President - Asha for Education Cornell Chapter (2001-2002)
  • President - Bhakti (Cornell) (2001-2002)
  • Keynote at Hindu Mandirs' Executives Conference, Houston, 2010 [Slides & Video]
  • Invited speaker at temples, and conferences
Other Interests & Activities 
  • Strategy, Product Management and Engineering Management
Formal education 

MBA from Harvard Business School, Masters of Engineering and a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.